Hanyang University

Sonntag, 28.09.2014

This blog entry is about my university in South Korea - Hanyang University.

To start:  gotta check this youtube video which has been created by Hanyang students... I love it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaEcSTy4z3o


First of all, this campus is just huge. It is comparable to some kind of a gated city, which means that it has it's own roadsystem, convenience stores, subway station, cafés, shops, banks and a hospital... and even more than that. Saying it is that huge might already tell you that changing class rooms might take a while. This is the campus map, well I really wonder why we don't have a navigation app yet.

My way to university is a 20 minutes walk along a riverside. It is a nice walk and I wouldn't complain, because it is kind of nice to walk through this leisure zone. There are these work-out /training machines everywhere and the Koreans are crazy working out on these, regardless of the time. There are also cycle lanes and all that.

Well once I arrive at campus I start hiking... The campus in quite hilly, and considering the 26 degrees and more this is a sweaty affair. The funny thing is, as the Koreans are very health-conscious people you will find signs everywhere that tell you how many calories you loose when you walk up this and that mountain/ stair - I love it, it's so motivating!.However once u enter the class u are about to freeze because they put on the AC everywhere. I already got ill because of this - it was then that I realized that the Koreans are wearing Sweaters all the time. Smart people. 

The Hanyang campus is truely amazing, it compares to no university I have ever seen. I am really impressed everytime I get there. It is super state of the art, there are machines everyhwere for whatever u could imagine. The facilities are very new and always clean. Whenever you walk around the campus you will hear music, the lanters have speakers and they always cheer me up! In the elevators (there are a lot of them as the buildings are high-rise buildings) there are TVs with Hanyang broadcast, currently they are always showing the introduction ceremony of the incoming exchange students, I saw myself in TV whoop whoop. =D

More pictures are up to come.

Another good thing about my university - the food! Oaaahh it's so good, really! And the cantines are so nice. Like you pay some what 4 € while sitting on the 7th floor with a beatiful view over Seoul and the Campus...

A week ago there was a school festival. The festival lasted for 1 week and the entire campus was covered with booths that were selling food and drinks or handcrafts and whatever u can imagine =). I really liked it! There was also the graduration fashion show of the Hanyang Fashion department,... wow i was impressed as I wouldn't believe students were organizing this. It was really professional - like pretending I knew it all about fashion shows =D...So during the day there were basically normal booths and entertainment events going on like a Viking swing and a huge slide... Yap take a look at the picture, we are still talking about my campus, I really have no clue what that viking swing and slide is about - but the Koreans were crazy about that. At nights there were parties in the cantines and cafes and everywhere else... Plus they were having a huge stage on the American Football field. There were many bands on stage, some kind of a "Hanyang Idol" competition and all student clubs that performed dance or music acts. The topact however was Sistar one of the most known female Kpop Bands in Korea. Well they got some of these very profound songs called "Touch my body" and "Give it to me".... yaaa well judge yourself and check them out:


The last picture shows me and part of the group of people I am usually with. U can see here Fredrik from Finnland and Francois & Mireille both from Canada. That night of the school festival we were having "Beers n' Ears". And as a lot of Koreans wear those ears it was just a must-do. HAHA

Coming now to the actual thing that university is about - my courses. Well To start with I was lucky, because my lecturers DO speak English! On the other hand welll yes they do but sometimes even tho it is English it rather sounds Korenglish. But that's just a thing you get used to quickly. Mostly the style of teaching is very very different compared to the one in the Netherlands. They do not use slides and everything is kind of confusing... Well but I keep telling myself "Challenge accepted..." So it's all good and I will make it. The toughest course however is Korean.... hell yes it is difficult and the pace is so high... I can't remember the signs and I am lost and on Wednesday there is a test coming up. Well let's see =D =D....

My first week in Seoul

Freitag, 12.09.2014

My bed =) -> yup bunk bed! Back to the roots! Our room The view from our dorm Namdaemun Market Gwanghwamun Square 

Hey everyone!

I know it took me a while, but here it is - my blog. I will try to update and upload as much as I can, however I am super sure that I will not always be able to take my time for that. This blog is purely English as I didn't want to exclude my non-German friends =). 

Time passes by so quickly and so many things happened since I arrived, but let's go back to the start of my Korean adventure.

This is what happened during my first week:

I arrived in Seoul together with a lovely dutch fellow student - Merel - , that I contacted prior to the travel. I met her in Helsinki where I changed flights. Starting from Helsinki we basically flew all the way over Russia to South Korea. Well I knew that Russia was big, but still I was surprised as it took us approximately 90% of the flight. Arriving at the ariport I met my roomie Nathalie and Felix who travelled with her. Well all together we made our way through the subway system of Seoul. By the way the subway system is super huge, not to say super duper huge and belongs with 2,5 billion passengers to one of the world's largest. But I gotta admit tho it is not that difficult to handle that, we only get lost in 1 out of 5 rides =D. The nice thing is that it is very clean (they even clean the tiles and all that at nights) and there is music and screens all around. Trains that enter the station are always accompanied by some music which pretty much sounds like fanfare horns. Well so far so good. Anyway we arrived on the campus where we have been assigned to our dorms. Our dorm called "Majang" is one of the newest ones. And it is state of the art,.... we enter by utilizing the automated finger print detection system. All facilities are very new so I wouldn't complain about a thing, except maybe for the space. I suck at guessing but if I had to I would guess our room is somewhat sized 10m^2. In our room there is a kitchen and a bathroom so no need to share that =). We also have an attic that is very convenient to put our suitcases and other stuff. The one thing that is say not so cool is the bathroom. Just imagine a small room with a toilett and a sink and that's about it. We always say that we are showering in our sink, because there is this extention that has a shower head. And whenever someone showered the bathroom is flooded for the rest of the entire day.... Anyway I like our dorm and our room. And by the way sharing the room is not that much of a deal, it rather feels a little nice to have someone around. The day after arriving, me an Nathalie tried to do some sightseeing. I am saying "tried" by intention because actually we ended up running around searching for some things that lonely planet suggested. People over here don't really speak English, which means if you are lost and u have no wifie then indeed you are lost =D. Well still we found the Namdaemun market and also we went to the Gwanghwamun square.

Bald geht es los

Mittwoch, 20.08.2014

Dies ist der erste Eintrag in meinem neuen Blog. In Zukunft werde ich hier über meine Erlebnisse im Ausland berichten.